The music industry is a fickle world. Bands come and go, but Heavy fuckin’ Metal is forever. now, I’m not talking about your BVB’s and your BFMV’s or your BMTH’s or any other band that starts with a ‘B’ and has a shortened pronunciation, no,  I’m talking about real Metal, not that false poseur shit, like Deicide, Cerebral Bore, Akercocke, Burzum etc.
The way to treat this blog is to basically assume that your musical tastes are completely inferior. yeah, just assume it. if it isn’t in my iTunes library, it’s essentially not worth listening too. it’s gotta be trve. it’s gotta be kvlt. it’s gotta be fuckin’ DEATH METAL. and if it isn’t then it’s probably for pussies. if you want to get Butthurt because someone on the internet has a different opinion to you, your welcome to leave me a comment expressing your heartbroken rage before you go listen to Attack! Attack! or whatever the fuck you kids listen to these days.

YOU, Whilst on this blog

 “your blog fucking sucks, you’re a faggot hipster and you listen to shit music” – Butthurt commenter, 2011.

This site also acts as a a dump for [old or unpublished] Music Reviews.

98% of the pictures on here are Stolen from Memebase. the other 2% are Google images

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Check out full & Proper writing here: http://www.thefilmgeneral.com & http://www.culturebomb.net

Always happy to chat, Thanks guys

Oh also: THIS IS SATIRICAL. Take anything I say seriously and teh lulz will ensue for me.
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