Billy Talent – Billy Talent 3

Billy Talent are making a name for themselves, with a good live performance at the download festival (I was pleased, others where irritated) and an ever growing army of fans to appreciate there ever maturing punk rock they are on there way up!

Billy talent 3 opener “devil on my shoulder” is quite funky with a memorable chorus combining Ben’s and Ian’s dual vocals that they do so well, and it could be a single, with a solo and a cool bass-only part toward the end, with a hooky riff this is a promising start, but track 2 steals the light as first single rusted from the rain, with a punk riff practically stolen from Greenday, but with shitloads more emotion in there lyrics than the once brilliant Greenday, this is a stonking sing along that WILL embed itself on your brain till you sing it repeatedly, with a decent solo to break it up before it becomes too repetitive, this will make others (and yourself) want to murder you after singing the chorus endlessly… this is the genius of Billy Talent, catchy tunes that still capture emotion.
Track 3 keeps a bizarre sad-slow funkyness reminiscent of track 1, you would be led to believe you where listening to a chilli peppers tune on the intro, the story of a suicidal woman “Saint Veronika”, keeps the electronic effects pedal handy and in use, and around 3 minutes in we get the albums firs glimpse of ben’s high pitched screaming, making this a well rounded track, its a good tune, if not a bit depressing.
Track 4 “Tears into wine” is a bit quicker moving, but equally as depressing lyrical-content-wise.
This has single written all over it, with the brilliant background vocals, and another solo that’s pretty good, giving everything more of a rock feel as opposed to punk.
The rest of the album is equally as depressing, bringing slow songs (such as track 5 “White Sparrows”) and themes of burning witches (not as bizzare as it sounds), and pain, musically it’s a little bit of a step away from previous efforts with the introduction of solos, and the slowing down of some songs, but not massively, its still pretty standard Billy Talent, that’s not to say its bad (it isn’t) it just doesn’t massively change the direction that we all know the band is heading into, pop-punk stardom, and yet there seems to be something so much more mature about them, the overall problem that Billy Talent has always had is that they are great at writing such stunning singles that can make the rest of the album feel like filler in comparison, but this album gets better as it goes on, with tracks 7 & 8 overshadowing earlier tracks such as 1 & 4.


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