Cannibal corpse – evisceration plague (2009)

Cannibal corpse have made a career out of extreme music, and pissing people off, but the last album didn’t quite deliver for me, it seemed to battle metal-y (gonna get some stick for that) and all the toned down art work of late…

But listen to the intro scream of “preists of Sodom” and your in familiar territory, keeping a cool almost catchy quality, you can see yourself drunk at party shouting along. Blastbeats heavy riffs and solos galore, this is good death metal! “scalding hail” is 1:50 worth of blast-beat-ear-shredding death metal, with that sing-along-able quality that CC have, yeah its more of the same, schlocky horror lyrics and crazy death screams, but what else do you want, this is awesome, the guitars are chunky and produced perfectly!, track 3 has a buzzsaw quality to it, simply titled “decompose” its cool, with a great solo, and i challenge any metalhead to try not to headbang to my favourite track so far! The fear was (with this being CC’s 11th studio outing) that it would be more same old-same-old, but it isn’t, this is a fantastic, well rounded, well produced death metal party album!


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