Cattle decapitation – on the harvest floor (2009)

Cattle decapitation are another odd one, a pro vegetarian message got across in the most oddest of ways – extreme music, sounding something like cannibal corpse and any real grindcore (NOT JFAC!) band getting together for a jam, this isn’t bad! Track 1 “the gardeners of eden” has slowed down, and iron maiden style qualities to it, superb! While the lead singer grunts away like the pissed off ork that he sounds like its extreme but doesn’t make the mistake of being too extreme to the point of boring, though 6 minutes is long for this type of band. “A bodyfarm” is more of the same but noticeably different, more tech, definitely, and the lyrics are definable, but listen to that intro scream, brilliant, and a brilliant solo halfway through to match, , “we are horrible people”  is good too, having a part where it all stops for a odd guitar part, no two songs sound the same, and the solo is epic, its not hard to guess what “tooth enamel and concrete” is about, with a horrific intro, that makes you wince and take your mp3 headphones out… overall this is a good extreme album to have in your collection if you like that sort of thing, kind of like the “appetite for detruction” album (from guns n roses) for the extreme lot , these guys are gonna be big and good in 09


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