Chimaira – The Infection

The ever-changing chameleon that is Chimaira changes shape once again. Learning from peers such as Machine Head & LOg they have evolved beyond what they where labeled by naysayers as to completely impress and break the mould.
The Infection is impressive in its scope, being that each song feels epic and sculpted, and yet never repetitive, fans looking for something like “The Impossibility Of Reason” (easily Their most accessible record to date) will get nothing of the sort, and will also see that “Resurrection” was an awkward step in the right direction, and that “The Infection” simply is the destination.
Each riff and each drumbeat feels worked through to the bone, and not something that was a copy of a copy, although thrash influences are present I’m saying that the band make it all their own.
Chimaira have always been in the shadows of the aforementioned peers, but perhaps this will bring them into light? This might not be one for genre-whores and pre-judgers, and upon first read of the lyrics Marks lyrical direction hasn’t changed too much, still pissed off about…. everything, though his voice has got slightly deeper, giving more of a death feel to his vocals, and there is nigh on any clean vocals, sticking with angriness, and losing no catchiness!
This is the first album that I have actually “wanted” in a while, and I think I’ve barely heard half the album, and could not (for the life of me) tell you the lead single, the drumming is pretty good by the way, there isn’t a single track I dislike, so far

On a whole, awesome album that you should own each track has its own merits and each track is good, it really shows a neat evolution to Chimaira’s music.


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