cKy – Carver City

Although this definitely feels more like a cKy CD compared to the last album, I had such high hopes which led me to such disappointment, this was after all the album that finally ties up the infamous “Hellview” trilogy, with opener “Hellions on parade”, which feels like two songs edited together, badly… but the machine like guitars are back, along with solos that fit in the songs, not songs that fit around the solos, which is a good thing, track 2 “…And she never returned” does a much better job of being one song and sounds like good old cKy, the only thing missing is a really great catchy riff (like the one in “Attached at the hip”) “Plagued by images” is so synthy it sounds like a tune from an old Sega Megadrive game, but its not a bad song but once again it feels so cut together its unbelievable, cutting from the rock riff to the slow riff with no warning, and synths spread throughout, and a guitar solo at the 2:15 mark that lasts all of about 5 seconds, its not a bad song, I just don’t think the band could decide on a slow or fast song so they played both and spliced it into this song. “Karmaworks” has a good opening with a small solo and is an ok all round song, slower than its predecessors, but it gets a little overloading, being that the drums, guitars and vocals form an annoying wall of sound, but other than that its not too bad, a bit throwaway but not hate-able. “Woe is me” could have been a great song with a memorable chorus, but once again the chorus sounds like it was cut from a different song and pasted in. “A number one roller rager” sounds like an older cKy song, and the synth’s fit nicely in this song, a good number, “Old Carvers Bones” is the sound I have been looking for! This is a definite cKy song! Its good, a huge, creepy riff, overlayed with synth’s (there fans) the only thing being that the synth’s drown out the guitar, its quite a long tune with about 3 minutes of just music and no singing, the final track “The era of an end” is slow and reflective, as expected from cKy and a good tune too, very chilled, overall the record isn’t too bad, its just not that great, better mastering would have improved it to no end! It was terribly produced, at times sounding like a wall of sound with synth’s over the top, each layer being hard to define. But as the album goes on it gets better towards the end, and just takes a couple of listens to get used too (I like it this morning more than I did yesterday)

Update – This isn’t a bad album, It just takes a lot of getting used too


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