Five Finger Death Punch – The Way of the Fist review

by Jake Rivett on Thursday, 16 April 2009 at 16:50

Five Finger Death Punch combine awesome guitars , simplistic lyrics with catchy choruses, blended with some shouted verses (or the other way round) to bring out…an amazing album! i was really surprised by this bunch! a album where every track is great based on its own merits, and the single isn’t the best song on the CD! people looking for complicated or insightful metal should NOT pick this up, people looking for that feeling they got when they heard slipknots first CD, or there first Pantera CD*, should pick this up, the only problem being, that the angsty-shouted verse-sung chorus gets a bit stale very quick and with 10 tracks of the same formula, the songs would blend if they weren’t all so well written, i recommend getting the special edition for two bonus tracks (actually a bit better than some of the tracks on the CD) and a acoustic version of the single (the bleeding), with awesome guitars, noticeable good bass, and general headbanging awesomeness, FFDP are ones too look out for, if there next album is as good as this, and i know i will definitely make sure to catch them at download, if you do too, then see you in the pit!

although they have been compared to pantera (wikipedia them) i am NOT comparing them, just saying it was a rush listening to this album


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