Incubus – If not now, When?

If you have been an Incubus fan for the last few years, you knew this was coming, all semblance of Rock and even the vague touches of Metal that have filtered through are completely dropped on the 2011 album If not now, When? instead Ballads and soft rock tunes are what we are served with, and it works completely. those that are huge fans will know that this is not hugely removed from Brandon Boyds solo album (The Trapeeze) but as opposed to the solo stuff, this has a more wholesome feeling and feels simply…Better!
Opener If not now, When? makes excellent use of  Ben Kenney’s bass and Brandon’s beautiful vocals.
Promises, Promises comes in acoustic and the song sounds a lot like a B  – side from, perhaps, Morning Glory, no wonder it was chosen as the lead single. The chorus definitely has a ‘drive-time’ feel to it and the song benefits from some steel drums in the background at times, and has that ‘surfer’ feel that accompany 98% of Incubus songs.
Friends and Lovers has odd lyrics, but is an amazing song, though it has ‘filler’ stamped all over it, until the bridge, the change feels nice.
the album is light and airy, definately a ‘car’ or ‘beach’ album.
Thieves is the first hint at Rock with the opening riff, and is by far the best track on the album, simply stating that ‘everything will be fine, as long as you’re a god fearing white american’, the only slight issue taken with this is that this song, the lyrics, had the potential to be a great rock protest song, but sort if limps along, almost as if it is too chilled.
Isadore is a nice song, a awesome solo ends the song.
The original comes in with DJ’d beats that seem a little pointless as it adds barely anything to the song, especially when the real drumming kicks in, one of the longer tracks it has the same raw feeling as the rest of the album, and a beautiful riff, and it gets a little ‘heavy’ towards the end too!
Defiance gives us falsetto vocals and acoustic backing, at 2:19 it’s the shortest song, more filler.
The album, though good, does make it hard to tell filler from actual good songs, In the company of Wolves falls into the latter category, dual vocals and a tone on the guitar that is quite beautiful, drumming that incorporates lots of light cymbals and a refreshing restart at 3:40, the longest song on the album is a goodun. going into funky bass and DJ’d sounds, it sounds like an earlier Incubus song. Switchblade certainly sounds like an earlier Incubus song, the almost rapped verse, the funky bass and the awesome stop – start riff of the guitar.
Adolescents was the second single, and completes the notion that the second half of the album is more upbeat than the first
Last track on the album Tomorrows Food, shatters this notion, being slow and acoustic,  yet still amazing,reminding, towards the end, of Morning Glory’s Aqueas Transmission this is an album designed for friends, a sunny day and surfing, yet doesn’t quite match Morning Glory or Make Yourself in variation of songwriting, good, but not great.


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