Job For a Cowboy – Genesis (2007)

Job for a Cowboy, are an odd one, loved for there fans for practically inventing “core”, despised by  everyone else for the same reason. But with “genesis” there is definitely maturity, and fans of the “Doom EP” will probably hate this, as the “core” was dropped in favour of a more metal, and even a more death metal sound, not a single pig squeal in earshot! The vocals are brutal and unrelentless, but it does become hard to tell tracks apart, the first two (Bearing the serpents  lamb & reduced to mere filth) sounding very similar, aside from the short solo in “reduced” , the drums sounding fantastic, and the guitar sounds very meaty with some decent definable metal riffs, no techy crap! Where the band struggles is song writing and vocals, a definable chorus would make any of these songs great, a fan might say that that the chorus’s are definable and hear-able, not to me they ain’t, making things get very stale, very fast, a change of pace is “upheaval to heaven” a slow, eerie instrumental, before lead single “Embedded”  kicks in hard and fast shaking the calm the instrumental brought on, sounding very much like its predecessors this brings nothing new to the table, though i can see why its the single it hase both the core elements and tech elements that would fool the kids that loved the band in the first place to buy the album, but overall this isn’t all that great, and i cant see why people rave about them, I’m halfway through the album and bored


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