Katalepsy – Triumph of evilution EP review

Although one track longer than their previous “Gialo” EP the “Triumph pf evilution” 4 track EP doesnt skip on the “brutality”, and the clever use of recognisable horror film soundbites remain however some changes are made,the “gargled” vocals are not dropped, but have changed and sound more like traditional death vocal style overall, but the final track (Number of soul) has a killer pig squeal style chorus, thats not to say that traditionalists will like this (they wont) and production as been upped, so that the drumming doesnt overshadow everything, the standout structures are kept (you are aware when your listening to the chourus, you’ve not a clue what there saying, but its the chorus), and with song titles like “post apocolyptic segregation” and “carpet wounding” these guys prove that it doesnt have to have the word “gore” in the title to be brutal. surprisingly each song is over 4 minutes long, overall a damned good effort from the russian kings of “BRUTAL SLAM DEATH METAL” (there words, not mine…franly i aint gonna argue, they sound mad…)

both EPS available for FREE from the band themselves


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