Lamb of god – New American gospel (special edition)

After opener & lead (only) single “Black Label” has ‘ripped your throat out’ you will be left feeling breathless, on the CD i found it to be so much louder, the quality being so much better than on any MP3 or youtube video i had ever seen, the only problem that i have is that i don’t remember the single version fading out, and this one does, i hate it when songs fade out, track 2,  A warning comes in as expectantly heavy and fast as you would expect, and leaves just as quick, being just over two minutes long, leading straight into track 3 “in the absence of the sacred” being awesome with “D” Randy Blythe’s vocals working excellently, you would almost think you where listening to death metal.

Letter to the unborn is a brilliant song, i had never heard it before and expected an instrumental, because there are no lyrics published, but it isn’t, the lyrics weren’t published due to personal reasons from Randy.

The black dahlia is kind of forgettable sounding the same as most of the other tracks, but not filler, you can tell that.

Its “Terror and Hubris in the house of frank pollard” that is brilliant and mixes  things up with interchanging vocals between randy and Steve Austin, and with a musical intro that lasts near on two minutes this is the longest track so far, “the subtle arts of murder and persuasion” slows things down, fading in, and everything is musically slow (till “2:40 where it then goes awesomely bombastic! ) this is a great tune with great memorable riffs, and at some points randys voice is so heavy you would think you where listening to tom barnes!

“Pariah” sounds very underproduced in the beginning, or it may  be the stereo im listening to  it on but its brilliant! With a part where all the music stops and for just a few seconds its randys trademark screaming, before it all goes mental, something lamb of god would go on to develop into perfection on later albums!  Its very stop\start this track, so your never sure where it ends, but that is brilliant, it mixes it up so much

Confessional comes in with some of chris adlers brilliant drumming, then the bass kicks in alongside it, no one can say that all these tunes sound the same, clearly they don’t! Then the guitar, this is fantastic! Though i don’t think the dual guitar technique has been deve;oped as well as on later albums, it is only the first, and it certainly sounds very chunky! At 1:54 there is neck-snapping, head-banging brilliance, the only problem is all the instrumentalists sound brilliant, but i have heard hardly no range from randy at all, just high screams and low screams, but

Track 10 “O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E”, the final track comes in with bluesy-doom that wouldn’t be missed on a black Sabbath album, with a fantastic scream from randy, but rest assured it does speed up later,   the three minute mark is my favourite part of this song, and coming in at 5:10 this is another long one.

This is the special edition, coming with four bonus tracks and a video for black label (on PC) and the major song worth note is “Nippon” originally a Japanese only release track, this is actually on of my most favourite on the album!

Currently touring with metallica, and saying there going to play download 09, after releasing latest album (Sacrament) and touring with slayer Lamb of god are one of the biggest and best bands going at the moment, and this is the album to check out if you want to know where it all started!! Awesome, heavy and  original, lamb of god at there purest and rawest!


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