Lamb Of god – Wrath

The very epic intro (“The Passing”) leads nicely into track two “In Your Words”, this album is going to have to be epic to live up to LOg’s last effort the monster that was 2006’s “Sacrament”, and upon listening to that intro scream, and the brilliant riffs I think that this is going to live up to its big brother.
There is more “harmonized” screams, and randy is using a very noticeably higher voice, less deep more high, the drumming is standout as ever from Chris Adler, its also 5 minutes long, with at least two being dedicated to just music, which is cool, no one takes center stage here.
“Set to Fail” blast’s in and this really sounds like LOg, its enough to blow you away, sounding like it could be a B-side from “Sacrament”, or any of there albums really, there are those that say they’ve sold out because they won a Grammy or whatever, and because randy doesn’t just bark at you, but i disagree, this is enough to restore anyone’s faith that decent metal is back, and its LOg that are bringing it with a short but sweet solo.
The only problem is it sounding under produced, the drums sound a little tinny, the guitars as ever are chunky and awesome, the latter part of this song is the best just after the bridge.
“Contractor” doesn’t slow things down, bulldozing in after the “Whoo” (lol) and the doubled vocals on just before the chorus make Randy sound more menacing than ever, this almost has a format of quick verse slow chorus, until the middle, where the bass rumbles in and Randy screams “SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE” then the song slows down to allow you to recover before sonically assaulting you with that hidden bulldozer! Fantastic stuff, I believe this is the first single too
“Fake messiah” comes in with a riff and drums that where MADE for guitar hero, a bit slower, and some awesome drumming, seriously, although there still a bit tinny, Randy’s deep “fake” and high “messiah” are a cool set of opposing forces. Although this is great, everything doesn’t feel as “chunky” as there last album, I don’t know, something is missing, it’s hard to pinpoint, but I haven’t taken to it like I thought I would, a slow riff at the end to head bang too is pretty sweet
“Grace” comes in with an intro that wouldn’t go amiss on a Legend of Zelda game, to lull you into a false sense of security, and then it all kicks off…
My favorite track so far sounds so epic, epic chorus, epic solo, epic everything, with an awesome musical bridge.
“Broken Hands” starts with randy shouting something incomprehensible (blood of all you had to lose I think) and when things get into it it’s a decent track, but sounds a little like its predecessors, though the machine gun guitars and drums in the bridge with randy over the top is pretty damn cool
“Dead Seeds” was the song that LOg chose to showcase live, with a spoke intro, over a cool riff, the best thing about this is the start – stop chorus
“Everything to nothing” is again, familiar LOg territory, sounding much like “Set to fail” upon first listen, this song is a decent slab of meaty metal, sounding like I wanted the album to sound like
“Choke sermon” reminds of Sacrament and is a decent track, very headbanging guitar work from the duo
the seven minute closer “Reclamation” opens with wave sounds and a nice acoustic riff that reminds of westerns bringing to mind HELLYEAH (can’t believe i just said that…) then it all goes crazy for a bit, and slows down as randy talks over the top of that acoustic guitar work, and it works, a decent track this definitely, a good closer i think, something a bit different that may put some “purists” off, but I like it,
overall i don’t know what it was, expectations or something but it didn’t sound as i wanted it too, randy uses higher vocals a lot of the time, the drums sound under produced in places, and it doesn’t sound as “huge” as sacrament, I don’t know whether I’m not used to it, or whether I was expecting another “Sacrament”, and i know i compare “Wrath” to it a lot but that’s only because it was so good, and i wanted something that good again, it could just be that I’m not used to it, LOg have come a long way and achieved a lot, but may have just taken a step backwards, I can’t see any of the songs fitting into a live set, i cant see “Sacrament” fans taking to it well, but I can see people flocking to this album and loving it at the same time, I’m sure I will come round…


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