Mudvayne – A New Game

So i looked on the net earlier and the reviews for the new mudvayne album where not friendly.
(I have never heard the album before except the teasers and the single)
I begun on track 3, the title track A new game, and was relatively impressed, it seems heavy and screamy, a good start, a nice solo in there too, I’m not sure if I’m used to these guys having solos yet, there is A great bridge, when he screams “I just wanna play…” its good, and reminds me of stuff on “T.E.O.A.T.T.C” and not 2005’s weakest-to-date-effort “Lost & Found”, I hated the way the song ended, it just irritates me when tracks fade out, end the freaking song, don’t fade out, its annoying & lazy to be frank.
I moved on to track 6 “The Hate in me” expecting heaviness (due to the title) and was surprisingly surprised, nothing catchy so far, but a good song! I liked it, bland lyrics, “the hate in me\feeling so empty” meh, but still good, its cool to notice that the bass is back, and that Greg seems to have improved ten fold!

HELLYEAH obviously was a good idea (I like it personally) I love the bridge riff, and I love this song, definately more old school sounding, with awesome vocals as ever from singer Chad.
Track 7 “Scarlet Letters” slows things down a little, a bit more acoustic, with chad pulling off brilliant melodies, it seems a bit too “happy-ish” with the slow verse\rocky chorus format, but once again amazing guitaring guitaring from Greg, I havent heard much from the much renowned bass and drum section of this band (it is often thought that ryan and matt [bass & drums] are the best of the four) once again a solo, and the first one that i feel works, i really like it again, lyrical themes of the war in Iraq i believe, still a little so-so considering what they have pulled off in the past (singing the chemical names of drugs!!).

Track 10 “Never Enough” is another acousticcy style one, and i prefer this one, its really catchy, and is genuinly sad by the sounds of it (“i was never enough for you\ all i ever wanted to be\ all i ever needed to be was what you wanted me to be\ but you took that from me”)
its definately a good song, another solo that really works, and a hint of that amazing bass, but its not enough, the drumming is great, sounding a bit like the drumming in the beggining of “Forget to Remember”.
not enough screaming for me so far, its rock, definately, not metal, not “math metal” or a conceptual album, but pure rock.
Wow! track 5 “A Cinderella Story” (odd title I know, but this is the band that managed to put the word “wombling” into a metal song!!)
The intro grabbed me! it sounds so much like “Cradle” its unbelievable, I thought thats what I was listening too! and once again (like “Cradle”) good lyrics, I like it, im not used to it, but I like it. I can’t tell the chorus in it, but it all seems good, odd lyrics go with the odd title (“It’s just like cinderella\locked up and hid away\you have no idea”) and another track that fades out, pissing me off a little now..
Track 9 “Same ol’?” is cool, great bassline, more melodies from Chad though, brilliant music, sounding like a mini war march before the screaming comes in, a cool souring high chorus that is great a bit epic this song is great, and the longest so far being under 5 minutes, I love it, it seems to be about raging against the proverbial machine and a big middle finger up to politicians, but that is so common these days, I kinda didnt expect it from these guys, but it sells records (don’t believe me? look at the lyrical themes in slipknots new offering).
Another miniscule solo (it was about 7 seconds long!) but its still cool! and i love the ending of the song, with that war march and chad just shouting “what!? so what!? admittedly not the most inventive lyrics of all time, but its still great.
Track 4 “Have It Your Way” is catchy, sounding very radio friendly, mixing bland lyrics, with great lyrics (if that makes sense) it sounds like a reject from “Lost & Found”, that sounds like a bad thing, but it isnt, its great, and a favourite of mine so far, I could see this sitting in between IMN and TV\radio easily, its one of the more memorable tracks
“Fish Out of Water” opens the album, and has this amazing mexican feel to it when it opens, its brilliant, and then that signature scream comes in, and your in familiar territory, love it, standout everything, brilliant bass, brilliant and chunky guitars, with awesome drumming, and cool singing, the lyrical theme seems a bit “HELLYEAH” “buy my soul\so you can sell me\i dont need this\i dont need you” I love the way he sings and the line is almost whispered behind him on this track, a brilliant chorus and a great overall opener, with a bridge that will confuse the hell out of people, as to where it comes from, but it bloody works! brilliant, amazing second half of the song and ending! definately a fave!
the odd re-ermengence of “Dull Boy” seems a little cheap as it was on the “By the People for the People” album, as the lead single to entice people, and as a taster for things to come, but I cant fault it, its a brilliantly catchy song, you WILL be singing that chorus for ages to come, great lyrics (though they dont seem to make any sense) and that intro is good, the bridge reminds me (quite a lot now i come to think of it) of fish out of water…hmmm…..but its all good, it just feels, well, a little bit lazy to be honest…
closer “We the People” is great! the bass and guitars on that intro blew me away! and then chad comes in, almost…is that rock-rapping? love it!! he is waffling about the American dream and how its bad, I love this song, its the most different from the rest, a little to preachy…but great, awesome chorus.
another solo, again, short, and barely noticable, but once again greg has improved
and now we come down to the final track, track 2 and the first lead single from the album “Do What You Do” once again has cool lyrics and a great chorus, that definately has to grow on you, another solo, possibly the best one on the album, “Like a heart that’s lost its beat\A little boy, that softly weeps\Overwhelmed with emotion\Views burns through explosion” emotional lyrics sung with no emotion, thats my problem with this song its catchy, i dont know if its typical single material, in the way that “happy” or “fall into sleep” was, but it works
overall its a decent album, nothing overly special, really reccomended for fanboys I think, you will find nothing as spectacular as the first two albums on here, but nothing thats a massive improvement on their last effort, I think its going to have to be an album that I need to let grow on me, the only noticable difference here in most of these songs are the solos, and gregs guitar improvement, chad is still the same old chad, except with less screaming, a factor im not so keen on, I was expecting at least one crazy “IMN” or “DETERMINED” track, and didnt find it, but still its all good not bad overall, its just that mudvayne have A) got themselves in a bit of a rut and B) will never match the excellence of their first two efforts, and will always be compared to them, especially when they seem a bit more radio friendly, but at least the album, like all previous mudvayne albums, has charecter, no two albums sound the same, something these guys can say with pride


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