Mudvayne – Self Titled

Mudvayne’s self titled brings in elements of their newer work (song structures, solo’s, the “rocky” sound) and combines them effectively with the older elements (bizarre electronic instrumentals, plenty of screaming) and chucks new things in the mix too (the first time a double bass drum has really been this effectively on a Mudvayne album since “The End of All Things to Come”, and even then its only used on 2 songs), the songs are significantly heavier than on last offering (“The New Game”) but some sound lifted directly from those sessions, such as opener, and first single i believe “Beautiful & Strange”. overall this is an effective album, with songs that flow, this sounds like a band finding their groove, riffs from “T.E.O.A.T.T.C” writing from “Lost & Found” and elements from their career in their. Though sorely missed is Ryan’s Jazzy Bass, lost in favour of a more guitar riff orientated direction. the little instrumental pieces are tacked on the end of songs, making them un-skip-able, which is irritating. Chad’s voice has changed, and he doesn’t have the awesome power of his voice that he used too (Youtube “Mudvayne – Death Blooms Live” – yeah, he can’t do that anymore…) but he has altered his screaming style to be more of an angry shout to compensate. it does have to be noted, how freaking cool the artwork is for the album. back are the bizarre lyrics (past songs have including the rapping of chemical drug names, and the words “I’m a fish outta water\Kill me and choke on the bones”) but in this instance it is “Let me in\Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin”, sounds odd? this is an odd band. ending the album with an acoustic ballad was an ill advised move, Mudvayne tend not to pull these off well, and this is an example, after a brilliant set of Hard-Rock\Metal songs to hear the simple words “we’re all dead inside\cant deny\what is real\the pain i feel”, over acoustic chords just aren’t good, its all a bit typical and angsty.if they had wrote something good (such as “Slipknot’s” “Snuff”) and something (such as the aforementioned “Snuff”) that remotely fits with the album then it would have been acceptable. Overall Mudvayne – Mudvayne is a really good album, but i still miss the L.D-50 days.
Best Tracks: Beautiful & Strange, 1000 Mile Journey, Scream With Me & All Talk


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