Napalm Death – time waits for no slave (2009)

Well, its napalm death you’re listening to, you cant mistake that! Track 1 “strongarm” gets right into the business of assaulting your ears with shredding guitars, blastbeats and barny doing what he does best, being pissed off and letting you know about it, by shouting at you, though there is a tiny speaking part, and the sonic assault is over almost as quick as it came, with an outtro scream to shatter any ear-thingies you had left. “diktat” keeps the same qualities but is overall more rounded, having definable (and very cool) riffs. Its quite a long album, 14 tracks, all about the 3 – 4 min mark, this is the brummies –that-invented-grindcore’s 13th album, and it has lost most grind qualities, track 3 “work to rule” is probably my favourite, sounding like a cradle of filth track with barneys vocals over the top, the production isn’t that good, with some instruments sounding a bit background or tinny, like the drums. “on the brink of extinction” is very definable, slowing things down in more of a thrash way, there is no singalong quality to any of these songs (but a few parts where its just barney shouting) best track so far, a nice solo would complete it well, but that’s not  what “napalm” are about, there about the sonic assault that you can hear, the title track blasts in quite technical,  and the chorus might be…wait…is that….is that SINGING?? I think it may just be, it sounds like a creepy church singing sort of thing, and it works. This is a good track, slowing down towards the end, you can understand and sing along

Overall this is a bog standard napalm album, its good, but nothing new, its all very fist raising and head bangingly great, but not anything that’s gonna break the mould.


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