Obituary – Darkest Days

Obituary – Darkest Day (09)

Obituary certainly have a name for themselves in the death metal world, being part of the Floridian scene in the 80’s and still making albums, including their latest offering, Darkest day, the album opener (List of Dead) gets things off to a heavy start, with a decent solo and bridge, not too much of this track is memorable, except for possibly the ending, a shame really, and the album continues like this mostly, though that’s not to say that there are moments of genius that set things apart, like the stop-start drumming on track 2  (Blood to give) and both the solo’s in track 4 (Outside My Head) as well as track 8 (See Me Now) having a pretty good riff in it, and being one of the better tracks.

The great thing about this is the drumming and the solo’s, each part sounds individual, the sad part is the riffing, for two guitarists more could have been achieved, instead it sounds like the same riff for most of the songs, with a small variation, it doesn’t even sound like the pedals where changed. Track 3 (Lost) has a pretty thrashy riff in it that sounds pretty awesome, track four is a bit more of the same, even a bit more repetitive, but it gives the listener something to grip on too, the album would make good background music, but there is nothing that really stands out, it’s the kind of music that’s on a party and you headbang to it, but don’t know what it is.

Track 5 (Payback) brings no new changes, a new riff, but at this point a change of pace would be appreciated, it would be nice if things where quicker, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, this song even fades out, a pet hate of mine, into the next song (Your Darkest Day) that comes in drums on their own and guitar slowly rising as the track plods along, when track 7 comes in it is a godsend, as it is faster and has a decent (but short) solo over it, its not quick but it has some speedier parts in it, the solo’s are especially pretty cool.

The album does tend to get better as it goes on, with the middle stuff sounding a lot like filler, but track 9 (Fields of Pain) being a good track, with some of the better soloing on it, The album just wears down into that dreary sludge, the album just doesn’t seem to move at all, it just plods along, the metal equivalent to a sloth, which is a shame as after hearing a lot of good stuff about this band, Sabbath and doom influences seem abundant in this album, but its not particularly technical or quick. The album coasts along, obituary really don’t have to worry about what is thought of this album, with there impressive back catalogue, that’s the way it seems this band was thinking as they recorded which is a shame overall.


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