Paul is the genius brainchild of Simon Pegg & nick Frost, and some of what you are hearing is true, some of it is not…

These two, are geniuses?

First off, to dispel this myth: it is not simply an Americanized Spaced, and should definitely not leave the Yanks slobbering for a remake, it is however A decent throwback to the Spaced days, done in quite a British way, set in America. Could it have benefitted from Edgar Wright? Personal opinion: Yes, it would have been the icing on the cake, does it need him to be an awesome move? No.

Director Greg Mottola does an awesome job, admittedly working with an awesome script! Ask yourself would the production be entirely improved by big flashy cuts and editing A la Hot Fuzz or Scott Pilgrim, that is a question I am still undecided on what I do know though is that seriously, it is the Pegg + Frost writing that makes this film awesomely hilarious and wickedly quotable (I am desperately looking for an excuse to use “take your hands off my motherfucking junk”), the plotline sounds weak (Geeky pair find stoner Alien, Embark on road trip chased by shadowy government agents) and could have been unfunny in anyone else’s hands, but with Pegg + Frosts constant dropping of Sci Fi know, quotes, Music & general geekyness this is an awesome Geekgasm that anyone (whether you get the references or not) can enjoy! Taking decent crack shots at America, Religion, and everything in between. People say that Paul is too elitist, that the average Joe wont get the jokes, I completely disagree thinking that the balance of geeky in-jokes and average comedy was pulled of perfectly, giving enough of something for everyone. Seth Rogen was an inspired choice for Paul, and not someone I would have thought of originally as perfect for it, but he fits so well in his stoner role.

The SFX are ok, a shot of a house blowing up is pretty good, if not hugely over exaggerated (for comedy effect) and the CGI isn’t what we are really focusing on, though it is the elephant in the room, it is largely ignorable, Paul is made believable, made real, by Rogen, Frost, Pegg and everyone else.

The 'Man' himself...

Sigourney weaver as the bitch absolutely cracked me up, head of the shadowy organisation attempting to contain Paul, the plot does at times feel a little overstuffed with too many characters on the road trip, the hillbillies could have been dropped and no one would have missed them too much.


In summery this is one hell of a film that you have to see, if you’re a super geek you’ll love it, if your not, you’ll still love it!

Directed by: Greg Mottola

Starring: Simon pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen

Rating: 15


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