Static-X – Cult of Static

Static-X’s latest album has all the industrial-ness there known for, but none of the catchy stuff, it doesn’t move at blistering speed like there last album (“Cannibal”) it does employ lots more screaming like cannibal, no slow tracks here(unless you count the final track),there is lots of usage of their bassists death growl a lot in the single “Stingwray”, and he even gets his own verse in “You am I”. not necessarily two major improvements, also a great joy to hear are the vastly improved solos, opener “Lunatic” is nothing special, skip-able at best, each song seems to blend into each other song, making this one long static-X song missing the great choruses that we like them for, track 2 “Z28” sounds like a B-side from “Cannibal”, basically it sounds like from the cannibal sessions static-X left there instruments on and plugged in, and when it came to recording “Cult of Static” just picked up from where they left off. all the songs feel a little too long (even the 3 minute ones…) “Terminal” is a good track, some of these songs fade out, if you have read my previous reviews you will know that i fucking HATE it when tracks fade out, because the band should end the damned song or not! by the end of this album, if you make it that far you will find out that “Nocturnally”, “Skinned” and “Grind 2 Halt” aren’t bad songs, so the best were saved for last for some reason!!
overall this is easily one of static’s skip-able albums, and not at all a classic, with the album being a fairly boring rehash of what has been done by the same band before, but better, come on where has the genius of “Wisconsin Death Trip” gone?


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